Success Stories

Terri Purchase, Account Director: Sydney Business Networking Event [2014]

“I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in meeting a great and varied group of people who are serious about their business join this group. I went to my first Business Networking event, ran by Hugh and Mike, and it was the most slick networking event I have ever been to. I moved to Sydney from Los Angeles and have been ...

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Rashid Kotwal, Business Coach: Catapult Your Revenue [Feb 2015]


“I recently attended the Business Connector “Catapult your revenue” master class.  While we have a successful consultancy, Mike honed and refined our offering to detail a new client engagement model which made me go, “Wow – why didn’t I think of that!” Just that one aspect made the whole workshop worthwhile.  But it didn’t stop there.  Being in the environment ...

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Paul McIntyre, Director: Catapult Your Revenue [Feb 2015]


“The masterclass was as excellent as it was challenging and confronting! It provided me with the structure to break down what I do and truly discover where my passion meets profit. It enabled me to find the clarity I’ve been seeking for so long and lay the foundation for a compelling business solution. ”   Paul McIntyre, Director InnovativeSBS

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Dave Lavers, Professional Facilitator: Challenge the Funder [Oct 2014]

Dave Lavers

“An outstanding forum that covered a lot of ground. The Panel was an excellent group of varied perspectives. As a small business owner in my very early stages (2nd year), I have been given some new hope about different ways to raise the all important finances necessary…” Dave Lavers, International Facilitation Expert Labyrinth Consulting Services  

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Mark Thorn: Challenge the Funder [Oct 2014]

Mark Thorn

“Last night I witnessed, what was for me, a personal revelation. The difference between today’s Aussie Startup scene and that of the Tech bubble scene of the late ’90’s. Mike Boorn Plener’s BusinessConnector program hosted a ‘Challenge the Funder’ night where StartUps met funders.” Mark Thorn, Founder & Executive Producer VideoLinc

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