About Events

We are pleased to offer events across three tiers of industry

  • Events for early stage / startup and small businesses, like the Sydney & Melbourne Business Networking Event
  • Events for owners of high–growth and significant private businesses, like Work Club Social
  • Events for executives and senior managers in larger organisations, like Board Connector and Quit the Rat Race

Quite simply our events fit into three simple categories, so depending on what you or your business needs you can select the event that is just right for you:

  • Capital: Includes Funding Connector, Board Connector & Fireside Chats
  • Revenue: Includes Business Growth 2015, Revenue Challenge and Catapulting Your Revenue
  • Innovation: Innovation Connector

At the end of the day every one of our events are about creating a win-win situation and fostering collaboration across all levels of industry and with government.

To get the full details on any of our upcoming events, please click here.

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