Funding Connector Program

If you feel you’re ready for the big time and want to run a business that is partially funded by external capital this program is for you.

At Business Connector we approach the funding journey differently than many others. We have a simple five-step model that gives a reliable outcome

  • Revenue Workshop—Typically a 1-2 day workshop with two of our team members that unearths easy revenue. Gets you to market, start transacting, and we will soon know if the business is as good as it’s meant to be
  • Revenue Model—We work closely with you to, based on the results from the workshop, build a model for how to scale your revenue; eg we add $10,000 in marketing costs we gain $75,000 extra in sales, you double production volume your cost-of-goods drop by X%
  • System—There is no point expanding and much less hiring people unless you have strong systems in place. We work with to ensure you have that, advising you based on our vast experience across systems implementation, development and project management
  • IM / Business Plan / Pitch Deck—Yeah; you thought we’d never get to it, right? We do, but the beauty is we can now, with you, write a business plan and an investor memorandum (IM) based on fact, not fiction. Apparently many investors prefer that. We train you to present and engage with investors, not to pitch at them but to work with them so you understand what they want and can give that to them. And when you do, guess what?…
  • Roadshow—now what for many seems to be the biggest thing is really the smallest. You want investors to ask for your terms, not trying to pressure sell them; it probably won’t work anyway.

Fees vary, but you should expect that after stage two your revenue growth can cover our fees (that’s another reason we work with revenue first), and that, in comparison to the money you’re going to raise, they’re very modest.

To get started, click here, fill in the form, and let’s schedule a phone call.