Becoming a Partner

Event partners are larger companies who want to develop their branding and relationship with our members by co-hosting events. This brings businesses to you and provides a great opportunity to showcase your company’s principles, expertise and value. To get the best results, event partners need to apply a medium term strategy by working across a series of events, as opposed to just a single event. It builds the trust, credibility and likeability of the brand, and it allows our members multiple opportunities to connect with your team at the events.

For this type of partnership we will

  • Create invitations and reminders for event to the membership
  • Provide exposure for your brand on the booking site and in all emails
  • Market through our social channels (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook – ~100K reach)
  • Provide exposure through our partner lists and through PR
  • Highlight your brand as the main partner of the event

There are many ways in which you can become involved with the events we host…

  • Be a single event host for an event hosted at your premises (a great way to bring members directly into your business so they can get a feel for your capabilities and what you may have to offer). In the past two years hosts have included Bendigo Bank, Microsoft, BMW, Grant Thornton and others
  • Be a partner at one of our major events thereby providing a broader audience to present your win-win offerings. The larger events like Funding Connector and Innovation Connector and the like are not ideally suited to be held in-house. Instead we feature your brand in the room, on invitations, on collateral, posters and more.

All attendees to the event register for the event at our booking website, and we will communicate with them to ensure they understand starting time, venue location and important details of the event.

To get the full details and discuss further, please get in touch with Mike Boorn Plener, Business Connector CEO on





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