Board Connector Program

The Board Connector Program is a structured program tailored to senior managers and executives to attain one or more positions on advisory board or board of directors in private companies. If you feel this program is right for you let’s schedule an interview as we regularly have growth companies looking for board members to sustain or boost their growth, reach, presence in the marketplace, capital access and more.

To get started, click here, fill in the form, and let’s schedule a phone call.

Key elements of the program include

  • ‘Becoming Board Ready’ — Course
  • ‘Board Member Success’ — Course
  • Personal 1:1 Mentoring providing deep insight to the board marketplace
  • Professional interview–style video
  • Membership of Private Forum
  • Personal concierge–style follow up
  • Your first Board Placement
  • Board Match Events; meet chair people, founders, private equity, VCs and others
  • Peer Group with direct access to mentors and coaches

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