The Crew

At Business Connector we have a small but highly effective executive and operational team of handpicked people, each one with specialist skills in their chosen area. Additionally we rely on a range of experts as sub-contractors for specific purposes.

Say hi! below to some of our leading team members


Mike_IMG_0953Mike Boorn Plener

Founder & Executive Producer. Business builder. Mentor. Sharp marketing mind. Revenue Strategist. Loves creating new stuff, but also knows the devil is in the details.




Katie Bramhall

Marketing Coordinator. A Brit in Sydney,  Katie’s responsible for ensuring events run smoothly and that everyone knows about them! She spends her time making sure that everybody who attends one of our events or programs has a superb experience. She stays on top of each event program, organises venues, and so much more.





Melissa Souza

Marketing Assistant . Bachelor’s degree in Public Relation. Melissa has an extensive experience in events, helping things run smoothly and with all things technical. She developed her skills in her home country, Brazil.






Care to join the crew?

We don’t have a typical needs-driven hiring approach. Instead we keep meeting great people and when the right time comes we reach out with an offer. If you feel you have something special to offer and want to join a hard-working team who love helping business owners and entrepreneurs, please get in touch and tell us more about you.