Terri Purchase, Account Director: Sydney Business Networking Event [2014]

Terri Purchase Pic“I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in meeting a great and varied group of people who are serious about their business join this group. I went to my first Business Networking event, ran by Hugh and Mike, and it was the most slick networking event I have ever been to. I moved to Sydney from Los Angeles and have been to a couple of networking events since I have been here but their event was by far the best. What makes what they do so great (both the events & this group)? The wonderful mix of people and the structure that Hugh & Mike create for the live events. What they appear to me to be about? Being informative, facilitating great networking/conversations, injecting humour where appropriate and most importantly encouraging people to engage so that we can all learn off each other. I love assisting in connecting people who can benefit each other and they are all about this also. I look forward to participating in some of the discussions on here and meeting others who are passionate about create amazing businesses, at future events.”

Terri Purchase, Director
Marketing and Advertising

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