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5 Common Mistakes Most Entrepreneurs are Making

At Business Connector, we help plenty of entrepreneurs grow their businesses each year. In all these entrepreneurs, we see an immense desire to succeed; however, we also see a lot of common mistakes, regardless of industry. No matter what stage you are at in the entrepreneurial process, it’s essential to understand the most common pitfalls that entrepreneurs are constantly unwittingly ...

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9 steps to make your social media get noticed

Social media is becoming more important in building a brand’s identity, and it is becoming harder to get organic reach. But businesses don’t need to despair; there are steps that can help to get noticed. These 9 steps is a system I use with many of my clients to building their social media presence while increasing their sales. These steps are supported ...

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In the world of social media, there is the good, the bad and the ugly.

A crisis can strike at any time, from anywhere and most organisations are not prepared for the unexpected. In most situations, social media can be fantastic in building communities, in getting your message to your customers/clients/stakeholders, and in adding value to your brand. But when a crisis hits, negative unplanned messages can go out-of-control in seconds which can ruin an ...

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PR for business in the social age

PR For Business In The Social Age

The rise of social media and evidence-based performance measurement has been described as the death of traditional public relations.  But while PR budgets have taken a hit from digital media investments, it’s still unarguable that traditional media coverage of business announcements and activities drive traffic, engagement and awareness, both online and offline.  And the reality is that social content that ...

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