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The Accidental Project Manager

A Project Manager is the person in charge of the planning and execution of a particular project. A project typically produces a unique product, service or result with a defined beginning and end. It is undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives, to bring about beneficial change or added value. Large enterprise and corporate organisations run hundreds of projects with ...

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Gordon Black’s Tips for Long Term Success

Ensure your systems are in place from the get go If you imagine your small business might one day grow to be a larger business – isn’t that the dream – it is crucial to have scalability in mind from the start. If that key sentiment isn’t factored in from the early stages then the sooner or later you’ll find ...

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Accelerated Business Growth: The Four-Stage Model

As I have been explaining growth to a number of business owners lately it’s occurred to me that our way of accelerated business could be collapsed into a really simple 4-step model: 1. Revenue growth. We have to start with revenue growth because while profits are important, without revenue nothing much else can grow. 2. Securing funding. Whether you’re gunning ...

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