The State of SME Funding — 2015

Funded vs not—what’s the impact?

What are the most popular funding choices right now?

Are companies ready to reach for the funding they need?

These and many others is what we set out to find out towards the end of 2014 when we commenced the latest round of “the State of SME Funding”.

We found out

  • How dramatic the uplift in forecast business performance confidence is when companies get funded
  • What is the most common source of funding (it’s not what you think)
  • Are young companies now actually standing a chance of achieving the funding they seek?
  • The most disturbing fact about business planning and financial forecasting
  • We also busted a myth or two along the way 🙂

As you probably already know funding is a jungle; here’s a map, compass and a guide. All you have to do is download below.

Learn what hundreds of business of owners have done in the last few months so you can skip past their mistakes and massively improve your chances of being funded.

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