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Find new clients and grow using businesses’ most underutilised tool.

There is a powerful tool with the ability to take any business from mediocre to exceptional. Yet we don’t spend the time to understand it’s potential better. This short article will help you understand this tool better and so you can use it to reach new clients. We mostly notice this tool when it’s “cool” or flamboyant. Think Vivid Sydney, ...

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Growing a business through successful branding

Branding is the emotional response of your audience to your business. An effective brand strategy combines engaging marketing tactics and delivering on the promise made to your clients and prospects. It also ensures your company communicates the right message, to the right people, at the right time, ensuring consistent business growth. Five essential points for developing a strong brand are: ...

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Mind the gap – From great idea to being in business

  Do you have the energy, the funding and know what it takes? TAKE THE QUIZ   1. What could happen to a great idea without a good plan? (A) Gets funding on April fools’ day (B) It’s a good but costly learning exercise (C) It could become a great problem (D) All of the above 2. What can happen ...

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