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Accelerated Business Growth: The Four-Stage Model

As I have been explaining growth to a number of business owners lately it’s occurred to me that our way of accelerated business could be collapsed into a really simple 4-step model: 1. Revenue growth. We have to start with revenue growth because while profits are important, without revenue nothing much else can grow. 2. Securing funding. Whether you’re gunning ...

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How to Secure Funding

When you need to raise capital it can be all too tempting to think your business is so great that investors should just throw money at you. Founders have even approached me in the past with such sentiment: “Can’t you just bring in a rich person to see our facility? They’ll see what we’ve achieved without funding and surely they’ll ...

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Find new clients and grow using businesses’ most underutilised tool.

There is a powerful tool with the ability to take any business from mediocre to exceptional. Yet we don’t spend the time to understand it’s potential better. This short article will help you understand this tool better and so you can use it to reach new clients. We mostly notice this tool when it’s “cool” or flamboyant. Think Vivid Sydney, ...

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