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9 Trending Productivity Products

As an entrepreneur, it’s especially important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the community. Here are 9 products that are currently changing the business landscape: Wade and Wendy– Artificial Intelligence for Your Career Wade and Wendy is a two part artificial intelligence system. The first is Wade, who is described by the company as ...

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Find new clients and grow using businesses’ most underutilised tool.

There is a powerful tool with the ability to take any business from mediocre to exceptional. Yet we don’t spend the time to understand it’s potential better. This short article will help you understand this tool better and so you can use it to reach new clients. We mostly notice this tool when it’s “cool” or flamboyant. Think Vivid Sydney, ...

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Growing Women-led Businesses

  The evidence of the value of women-led businesses is overwhelming.  Women-led businesses perform better in terms of profit, return on equity, and productivity.  They have greater growth potential, and they grow faster than their male-led equivalents.  And they are more likely to operate efficiently. Yet when it comes to big business, there are fewer Australian companies that are run ...

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Failure of risk management contributes to insolvencies

It’s well known that Australian SMEs play an integral part as the backbone of the Australian economy and yet, the struggle for sustainable growth continues to plague business owners. On one end of the scale we have a multitude of SME support, helping entrepreneurs with marketing and monetary advice for their start-up ventures, and on the other end of the ...

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A Credit Policy to protect your most valuable asset

It’s a human fact that as an SME owner, you cannot possibly be the expert in all areas of your business, and yet you need to understand all aspects.  So where do you begin when customers start asking for extended credit on their purchases and you don’t want to lose the sales? Since the accounts receivable ledger is often considered ...

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The changing value of money in business

Clock from geralt on pixabay http://pixabay.com/p-64264/?no_redirect

In this disruptive age for business, growth is often dependent on remaining relevant to a customer base, and reflecting changing consumer attitudes and behaviours. In order to get a better handle on value calculations, we spoke with future-now researcher and consultant, Marianne Doczi, about her work on contemporary currencies. Business Connector (BC): Marianne thanks so much for your time speaking ...

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PR for business in the social age

PR For Business In The Social Age

The rise of social media and evidence-based performance measurement has been described as the death of traditional public relations.  But while PR budgets have taken a hit from digital media investments, it’s still unarguable that traditional media coverage of business announcements and activities drive traffic, engagement and awareness, both online and offline.  And the reality is that social content that ...

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