What is Stump the Strategist?

Watch the video to see exactly how fast Stump the Strategist can help solve your
toughest business problem!

Fireside Chat with the Experts Including 
Stump the Strategist
Boards as a Secret Weapon
... all wrapped into one evening!

Imagine one evening where you not only get quick answers to your toughest challenges
but also have the chance to deep dive to solve your biggest business dilemmas. 
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The Event

We know that the juncture of business growth where funding is raised is a most challenging one, so we have put together a team of experts to simply help; answer your questions, get you on the right track.

The Fireside chat is a boutique event. In order to keep the conversation flowing we will only see a limited number of participants - first in best dressed.

We are combining that with 'Stump the Strategist". In other words, a panel of 'strategists' that according to their own track record are very hard to 'stump'.

It will be fun, informative and hands-on so you can go back to your desk the next day and start implementing.

Who is this event for?

- Entrepreneurs looking to get the business off the ground
- Small business owners looking for growth capital
- Startups looking for investors
- Established businesses looking to fund new growth
- High-growth businesses strapped for cash through expansion
- Business owners looking to expand and grow interstate or internationally
- Executives looking for growth funding for the next stage of enterprise growth
- Owners looking to leverage technology, inventions and the like for their next growth phase
- Companies with significant development costs or R&DDirector/Manager in various areas
- Strategy/Business Growth executive
- Senior Consultant/AdvisorFinancial Controller/CFO/AccountantBoard Member

There will be business owners and professionals like yourself covering all industries, all looking to fund, expand and grow their businesses. In addition to meeting the panelists this will be a great opportunity to network amongst likeminded individuals.

Panel Members

Stump the Strategist Members