Jon Manning, Pricing Strategist

 Internationally recognised and experienced, Jon’s passion for optimal pricing strategies ensures that, on average, he achieves at least a 20.9% revenue uplift for companies he works with.

Jon’s career has been a journey through the most commonly used pricing methodologies: the secretive pricing in the oil industry, cost-plus pricing in catering & consumer packaged goods, revenue / yield management in aviation, travel & tourism, and dynamic pricing in internet cafes on the High Streets of the EU and USA.

Today, Jon primarily develops value-based pricing and monetisation strategies for companies that recognise that it’s not what he knows about pricing in their industry that counts: it’s what he knows about pricing in so may other industries that helps make his work with them more profitable.

Some of Jon’s other achievements include:

  • Creation of the worlds first crowd-sourcing website devoted to pricing, (launched to critical acclaim in 2011, profiled on Sky New, and a top 20 finalist in the Anthill Smart100 awards in 2012)
  • Over 80 public workshops and in-house seminars conducted across the Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and the UK
  • Co-presenter of the ‘Pricing Strategy & Revenue Management’ Executive Education Program at Lancaster University Management School, 2007-09
  • Author of various publications that have appeared in The Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management (refereed), The Journal of Professional Pricing, The Pricing Advisor Newsletter, and The Wiglaf Journal
  • Blogger for (2012-13), contributor to Business Essentials’ monthly audio CD (2008-13) and frequent podcast guest (See

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