Need business funding?

Take this 3-minute quiz and see how your business can get to "funded"

Hi, I'm Mike Boorn Plener. Many business owners think capital raising or other forms of funding is the only way to grow rapidly. Whilst that can be the case, often it's not.

We have learned there is a specific process. Whether you just need better profits, raise capital, or hit up the bank. And it works.

But before we get into that, below is an opportunity for you to assess for yourself how ready your business is to be funded (or when it'll be ready). Let's get started.

  • Simple 3-minute assessment
  • Understand where you stand & best path forward
  • Peer comparison report sent direct to you

PS: Just in case you're wondering: We'e not selling loans, finance products or the like. While we can connect you with everything from cashflow lenders to crowd funders and significant investors, the purpose of this quiz is for you to assess where YOU stand!