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Whether you want to transition out of your business, pass it on to new leadership, looking at a merger or JV you need to ensure you get full value for all the hard work you have put into the business. Most people don’t. You see, there is a big problem for us all: The great decline in business value.

It’s something that has gone unnoticed by most, but it’s a very real problem acknowledged by business brokers, financial advisers and private equity firms alike.


My Story

In 2010 I exited a business partnership I had been part of for 10 years. However, I ended up with less than 1/5th of the value that I should have walked away with. There were a number of factors, but the most important one was my own lack of preparedness for the event. Ouch!

So at the back of my mind simmered the desire to ensure other people – like you – would not suffer the same fate.

Over a year in preparation

In mid 2012 I organised an event with one of the leading expert in business valuation growth and exit strategies. It truly opened my eyes. To what was possible and what most people don’t do, and don’t even know to do.

After a year’s worth of preparation for this event, I’ve lost count of the number of stories about value enhancement.

Like the cookie company than multiplied their exit value by 7. In just 18 short months.

Or the long-term business owner who realised his future owner was not an individual like him but an overseas investor-consortium. He walked away with almost 5 times more than he thought he would get. Because he was given the right advice and gained the right connections.

Better Business ValuationOr perhaps the organisation that buys out tired business owners and, generally, over three years give double what the business broker could get them.

However, for each of these great stories of success I also hear ten stories of heartache and hardship. The ‘if only we had done what we needed to in time we would have been prepared and would not have had to sell the house’ kind of stories.

It’s your choice what kind of story you’d like to be.


Is your business value vanishing?

We know from statistics (both ABS and ASIC) that the next ten years bring an unprecedented wave of baby boomers seeking to step down from the race. This generation is furthermore characterised by a higher degree of business ownership than ever before.

What that means: More businesses will go on the market in the next ten years than during any previous period. It’s the biggest transfer of wealth ever in human history. And it has already started.

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Unfortunately the market is soft and getting softer. Yes the GFC was five years ago, but the effects are more profound today than ever before.

If you choose to sell there is more investor money available than ever before (sitting in cash and waiting); your challenge is to understand exactly how to unlock that potential so your business is the one that gets sold at a massive premium.

That’s why you need to be at this unique event to understand what your best options are and start designing the blueprint that is right for you

Action Exit Strategies


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All in one place – packed into just one day

This knowledge has been fragmented and has been inside the heads of the experts. People who are normally too busy to go on stage and share what they know.

For the first time this wealth of knowledge is available in one single room. And you’re invited!

This event has been twelve months in the planning in order to bring a line–up of knowledge and expertise not seen elsewhere.

Normally these people are too busy transforming businesses like yours, finding buyers here and internationally, structuring for sale, improving the cashflow and everything else that is required to ensure a business can be sold at a very healthy premium over the market.

Want a sneak peek?

Hear what some of the key speakers have to say about how you can successfully build a great exit for your business in this
compressed interview series covering 5 of the core topics of the day.

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Successful_Succession_Planning_PrepHave you tried a business broker?

There’s nothing wrong with a business broker. If you want to sell your business quickly
and you’re not picky about the price you can get they’re great. Unfortunately, contrary
to popular belief, business brokers are often not a fast way to sell.

Unless of course you go in well below market your business is unlikely to be sold quickly. Simply because there are so many businesses for sale.
Just in recent weeks I have seen several businesses that have been on the market
with a broker for 18 months without being sold.

Think of going to a business broker with an un-improved business is quite similar to
going to a real-estate agent with an unimproved property. It’s not the broker’s fault
— they will just try to sell what you give them.

Instead of having your business ‘sitting on the bench’ and waiting for 18 months
you can massively increase the market value of your business during the same time, preparing for a certainty of a much higher exit value. That is what Exit Strategy Masters
is all about.


Creating your dream life

Many business owners don’t plan ahead. What will happen after the exit?

As a result people end up with disputes, family feuds, and court hearings.

Instead, look at your business exit as just one element in your succession plan for your business, and as just one step in the plan for your life. It’s important that as part of this process your interests are looked after. What do you want to do with the rest of your life?


Your shrinking business valuation and what to do about it

Generally, when businesses are sold, the value is calculated as profit x ‘multiple’ = value.
So given the example in the sidebar, say you determine that if you double the value you’ll have a comfortable exit that will set you up for life.

Now, imagine for a moment you want to exit in 18 months – and in that time you have to double the profit of your business? Say increase revenue by 70% and cut costs at the same time. Sounds tough? In this economy it is going to be very tough!

That is why a fundamental part of the work has to be done improving the ‘multiple’. Marc Johnstone from Shirlaws will present exactly how to massively increase multiples, based on his experience both here and internationally in starting, growing and exiting successful businesses.





Action Exit Strategies


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Maximizing value is a team sport

Even the top experts in succession planning have told me that this is a team sport. There is simply no single person out there who can cover all aspects of a successful exit

  • Financial restructuring
  • Preparing for sale
  • Connecting you up with the real investors, both here and internationally
  • Maximising business value in the eyes of your buyer
  • Leveraging your systems and operations to make it easier for a new owner to come on board
  • Leveraging your hard earned cash flow to rekindle growth and optimise sales value
  • Choosing the right strategy and structure for your succession to ensure you achieve the greatest possible windfall
  • Planning for the future you and your family deserve

So if your existing adviser tells you “Oh, I can do all that”, come to Exit Strategy Masters
and learn in depth all the things that you can do to maximise you nest egg and then come
back to them and see if they can still do it. Or why not bring them along, so they can learn too?


Where to find the buyer who wants to buy your business

Think about it for a moment: The hard work, the endless hours, the weekends. That’s most likely what you did to get to where you are. Right?
How do you find somebody who wants to do the same?
The short answer is: you don’t! Investors buying business are rarely looking to be deeply involved in the business on a day-to-day basis. And as difficult as that may be for you to accept, you can cash in on exactly that if you know how to play it right.
That’s one of the core reasons you need to transform your business from a typical owner-operated business to a managed business. Exit Strategy Masters will start you on the road to do just that.


Speakers on the day

We have assembled a line–up for you with the top experts in the fields of business exits and business improvement. To ensure you will walk away with the clear blueprint for how to proceed with your successful exit AND be able to ask questions directly and spend 1:1 time with some of the best brains in the business, each with unique experience in helping businesses just like yours become worth a lot more.


Dr Mark Rainbird, Founder & Managing Director, BlueMount Capital

Mark Rainbird provides an overview of the options available to exiting business owners, and furthermore provides an insight into how the different options affect your outcome, so that you can make an informed decision on what will work best for your business.

Mark specialises in creating appropriate funding strategies that align with the strategy of each business owner. Corporate advisory services include strategy and execution, assistance at board level, exits, and mergers & acquisitions.

Marc Johnstone, Partner, Shirlaws Australia

Marc Johnstone from Shirlaws will present exactly how to massively increase multiples, based on his experience both here and internationally in starting, growing and exiting successful businesses.

Marc joined Shirlaws when it launched in 1999 and in 2003 was asked to set up the first of 11 offshore companies, in San Francisco California. For 8 years he worked with and advised leading venture capital companies in Silicon Valley and helped them grow the companies they were investing in.


Matthew Poiner, Brand & Business Consultant, PDC Creative

For most of us ‘brand’ sounds way too fancy. And that’s why Matthew Poiner is speaking to you… not just about brand but about business. And how simple tweaks to ‘brand’ can make huge differences in business valuation. And therefore in the value you get.

Matthew Poiner is a leading brand & business consultant to CEO’s, Boards and senior management. Matthew readily establishes a connection with people through his honest, open, and enthusiastic style. His approach is practical and results-oriented, providing clients with a clear return-on-investment. Matthew has worked with industry leaders on numerous projects from strategic brand development, online strategies to product development.


Christian Luckow, CEO, Omniveta

Christian brings deep expertise in cashflow management, and the radical impact even a small improvement in the cashflow cycle can have on the business’ ability to expand more rapidly. The biggest challenge facing a growing business isn’t getting clients quickly, it’s getting paid quickly.



Rick Polito, Director, Axsapt

When you need to grow a business fast and safely, or hand over the business to new leadership, systems are a key ingredient to ensure the growth and success can be sustained and is essential in ensuring your vision becomes reality. Rick from Axsapt is an expert in how to create systems on all level that supports the business and you as the business owner and he will show you exactly how you can create strong systems in your business to secure its growth.


Action Exit Strategies

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