An Event by Business Owners FOR Business Owners

Business development is a fine art. If you are an incredible copywriter, software developer, marketeer, and accountant then… wow, you are one of a kind. In reality, it’s impossible to be an expert in all of these things. Last night, a room of business professionals, seasoned and newbies, came together for an evening of shared experiences and knowledge as to how to catapult a business to success.

“Business Growth Success 2016” was, and is, an event series, created by successful business owners FOR business owners. The biggest drive for entrepreneurs is the desire to contribute something, whether it’s a product or information. So, for our team, their contribution comes from sharing their talents and advising others who have challenges in their business they need overcoming. Whether there is a gap in your marketing knowledge or you’re struggling to adhere to a business plan – the principles remain the same.

We judge the value of our events quite simply; by observing the notetakers. If we can see scribbles, annotations and drawings, we know we’ve done something right because people want to preserve the insight they gain. Last night, we saw pads of notes.

On the back of the success of last week’s event we’re repeating it in just a few weeks. Come join us for the next instalment of  “Business Growth Success 2016” which will have subtle differences but still deliver the same important key learnings.

Not to mention the buffet!


The first step towards building a better business is accepting you can’t do it alone. Come join us in the coming weeks and let’s work together to catapult your business to the next level.

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Business Connector
The purpose of Business Connector is to be the leading catalyst for better growth and development of the Australian SME sector. We provide tools and knowledge through a broad series of events where people get to come face–to–face with the real experts as well as business networking where people get to create new quality business relationships. Click for more on Business Connector

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