Joanne Jacobs

Joanne Jacobs is an award-winning digital strategist and company director. She is working with Business Connector to help with marketing of events, and she is involved with three other businesses, associated with digital change management and social data analysis. Click to view Joanne Jacobs' full profile

Growing Women-led Businesses

  The evidence of the value of women-led businesses is overwhelming.  Women-led businesses perform better in terms of profit, return on equity, and productivity.  They have greater growth potential, and they grow faster than their male-led equivalents.  And they are more likely to operate efficiently. Yet when it comes to big business, there are fewer Australian companies that are run ...

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The changing value of money in business

Clock from geralt on pixabay

In this disruptive age for business, growth is often dependent on remaining relevant to a customer base, and reflecting changing consumer attitudes and behaviours. In order to get a better handle on value calculations, we spoke with future-now researcher and consultant, Marianne Doczi, about her work on contemporary currencies. Business Connector (BC): Marianne thanks so much for your time speaking ...

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Making events purposeful

I attended a promotional event last week for a major technology brand, where a couple of Australian business leaders stood along side a US celebrity to talk about the progress of technology and their business experiences. At least I think that’s what it was for. Actually I have very little understanding what the event was about, why I received an ...

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Funding Growth: Challenge the Funder Review

Last week Business Connector ran the Challenge the Funder! event in Sydney with a series of funding experts coming together with small business owners and start-ups, to define varying methods for receiving funding, including an analysis of which funding methods work best for specific business scenarios. The evening was eye-opening for a variety of reasons, not least of which was the ...

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Growth through innovation, not marketing

Growth Through Innovation, Not Marketing

When a business launches a new product, a good marketing strategy is crucial.  You need to be able to describe what your product does, access an audience who need your product, and engage with advocates who will help guide the growth of your business.  But once your product has been out there a while, what you need is innovation.  And ...

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PR for business in the social age

PR For Business In The Social Age

The rise of social media and evidence-based performance measurement has been described as the death of traditional public relations.  But while PR budgets have taken a hit from digital media investments, it’s still unarguable that traditional media coverage of business announcements and activities drive traffic, engagement and awareness, both online and offline.  And the reality is that social content that ...

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Presentation skills beat social media

Presentation Skills Beat Social Media

For all my advocacy of digital communications and social strategy, sometimes you just can’t beat events and public speaking to attract a new client or to develop awareness of your business and your brand. While social technologies have made it easier to find people with similar interests and experiences, there is in real life meetings, an opportunity to share so ...

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End of Financial Year Pain to Bliss

Just three days to go till we finally see the back of those endless health insurance advertisements on commercial television.  I can’t wait.  But that won’t be the limit of the End of Financial Year Bliss I’ll be experiencing thanks to the Business Connector networking evening on 17 June.  Thanks to David Harvie’s presentation on the night, I’ll be focusing ...

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How to make the most from the company you’ve built.

How To Make The Most From The Company You’ve Built

Entrepreneurs and business owner-managers all reach the same dilemma one day: what happens when a better opportunity comes along, or when they want to leave the companies they’ve built, and retire on the profits? How will their businesses survive without them, and how can they get the best from the huge effort they’ve invested with building a firm from scratch? ...

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