Is corporate security an illusion? How do we make security work?

Security cameras, security guards, security procedures, fences and locks and codes. This all makes good security right? No.

These measures are only a small and also an expensive part of the security risk management puzzle, which many times fail and enable security breach, theft, damage, and ultimately safety to be compromised. There is a general template within the security industry providers that tells the clients that cameras, door locks and guards will save the day, remembering security in these forms can be a lucrative industry. These providers will hardly utter the words ‘Human Risk Management Measures’

There is a key element here which makes security measures actually come together and work in unison to successfully decrease breaches and liabilities by another 40%. That key is us, the people within any organisation no matter how big or small.

For example; my company worked with a global organisation who had one of their main offices in Australia, this building alone held approx 750 staff with various suppliers, contractors and high staff turnover which most companies experience. This company had the latest security devices, measures and procedures. However they still experienced problems with security breaches internal and external. What was the actual problem here?

The problem was dependence on security devices and not on their own people, what they needed was everyone to take a stake in security and be empowered with security awareness. After a simple risk assessment of the premises and staff it was evident that communication and reporting methods along with how to better identify threats and risks and then what actions to take were completely absent as we find in most organisations.

After assessing where the gaps were we created a specialised risk management workshop for staff from senior management to the concierge desk. This 5 hour workshop provided engaging and fun risk assessment activities where all participants shared experiences, learnt more about risk identification skills, emergency procedures, how to communicate and report quickly, and how to all work together to become ‘the eyes and ears’ within their organisation. Wow! As one participate said ‘that was fun!’

Who would think security would be fun?

This workshop was conducted on a sunny summers day on Saturday, however everyone left invigorated, risk aware, and more empowered and in turn more secure within that oraginsation. Now they were able to work with the security systems and decrease risk by a big percentage than when they arrived some 5 hours earlier.

Imagine how much value that gives any business, and how much liability is then decreased. A great deal.

So next time you consider spending more money on a security systems upgrade, new procedures, more cameras, first ask yourselves what about my people?

That is true security risk management.

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About David Turner

David Turner
David Turner is a senior executive and trusted advisor with 18 years experience in the security and risk management industry. David has a unique blend of expertise across these diverse areas with a focus on risk management of human behaviour – one of the more complex, dynamic and often over-looked areas of the industry. He has appeared on Australian television, newspapers and radio to advise and add review to local and international security concerns. Click to view David Turner's full profile

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