Insanity or doing things differently?


Are we all going insane?

You’d have to be to miss this…

Challenge the Funder with panel members from the Crowd Funding Institute of Australia, St George Bank, AVCAL, GrantReady, Angel investors and venture capital experts… Register here now!


I am fortunate to hang around a number of banks. In the last nine months I have spent time with StGeorge, ANZ, NAB and Bendigo. Marketing, Operations, frontline and executive.

But I have also spent time interviewing Ken Macleod of Growth Funding Solutions, organised an event with Abhishek Maharaj of Winquote, talked to Christian Luckow of Omniveta Finance, not to mention the great people at FIFO Capital and EFIC.

Wherever we look there is funding available. Short-term cash-flow funding. Long term lines of credit. Funding your export. Funding a new truck or new software; it’s available.

Then I speak to one business owner after the next and their growth is hamstrung. By what, you ask? Funding!

What’s missing? in many cases it is simpler than most think. What I see is most often missing that you can easily do is

  • Prepare monthly cash-flow and P&L results for the past 12 months
  • Provide the same forecast for the coming 12 months
  • Create a proper business plan

That’s it.

So here’s your action item: We’re surveying the landscape. What are YOUR funding challenges? And why do you think it’s hard?

Today’s we’re opening for ‘The Australian Funding Discovery Program. Last we opened it up it ran for just a few weeks and received over 300 responses. This time we’re opening it up to a much broader section of the business community and want to hear your say. Tell the banks what you think! Tried to get investment capital but failed – how can we make it easier?

Insanity – again

Part of the problem is that as a business owner you may go about getting funding the same way you did five years ago. Or even two years ago. But the landscape has changed massively, just in the last 24 months.

The other day I heard about a business owner who on national TV complained he could not get bank funding. Do you think he even called his accountant? Nope!

That’s insanity.

Last year at one of our events there was a participant who had been trying to get grant funding forever. Brilliant technology. Best in the world. Any private investor would be delighted to see an opportunity like that. He was simply looking in the wrong bucket.

So come and join us at our Funding Connector event and Challenge the Funders out there. (The panel’s looking pretty good too…)

And be sane.

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