9 Trending Productivity Products

As an entrepreneur, it’s especially important to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the community. Here are 9 products that are currently changing the business landscape:

Wade and Wendy– Artificial Intelligence for Your Career

Wade and Wendy is a two part artificial intelligence system. The first is Wade, who is described by the company as “your personal AI career guide.” Wade “chats” with you to gain knowledge about your career aspirations, your goals, and what you’re looking for in a job. He automatically notifies you of any job opportunities that match your criteria, and can even set an interview up for you. The other half, Wendy, is your “AI Hiring Assistant.” She searches for candidates based on who she thinks matches your company’s goals and culture. She is also able to take suggestions, and even conduct interviews! Wade and Wendy are currently in Beta, but have shown great results so far.

RealEye – Eye-tracking Software that Analyzes your Website Users

Anyone who has built a website knows the struggle that RealEye attempts to solve. No matter how good it looks to you, you can’t be sure your customers will see it in the same way. Where do they look on the page? Can they find your information quickly? RealEye fixes this problem with an impressive new webcam software that tracks your eye movements as you look at the screen. From this data, RealEye is able to create a real time video of where exactly on the screen your users are looking, not just where they’re clicking. Check it out in action:

RealEye Demo from RealEye on Vimeo.

LogoLix– Free Access to Professionally Made Logos

LogoLix is a simple concept that can be exceptionally helpful to entrepreneurs. They take unused logos from other logo design projects, post them in a database, and allow them to be downloaded for free by anyone, at any time! It’s a great way to get a starting logo, or use as a basis for your final logo.

Jamboard– Google’s Newest Innovation

Google’s Jamboard is just the latest Google product to have the business world buzzing. The Jamboard is billed as “a white board- except better.” And better it is- a touch screen, Jamboard lets you write, drag images and create shapes easily with just your fingers. You can also collaborate with other Jamboards all around the world, in the same space, giving your business a revolutionarily effective way to work together, even when you aren’t. It also has a lot of the same functions as a computer- Internet Browser, downloadable content, and even video calling can be done from the Jamboard! Here’s a demonstration of a few of its features:

AdobeScan– Turn any Sheet of Paper into an Edit-able PDF

In the next of a long line of useful Adobe Products, AdobeScan is a free app that lets you easily scan any documents from your phone, and converts them to PDF format. Not only does it recognize your documents, AdobeScan also gives you the ability to select words, using its’ new text recognition software. This easy-to-use, helpful app is a great way to store paper documents as well as edit them- all available from your phone!

Samestate– See What Your Customers See

Samestate helps solve issues you may be having with your website, by letting you see exactly what the customer is seeing. By clicking the Samestate help icon, your customer is able to open up a chat and directly communicate with you, letting you know what the issue is. You can then pull up their screen in real time, and see what they see, making communication easier- no more sending screenshots! Samestate also runs diagnostics, making it simple to isolate the issue and fix it, then confirm it’s worked on the customer’s screen. No more guessing and tedious bug checks- Samestate helps keep your website running smoothly, while providing an exceptional customer service experience.

Promo– Easy Video-making Software

Ever tried to create a marketing video? It’s harder than you would think, and it’s very important to represent your business in a good light. Enter: Promo. Promo provides you a platform to easily edit and create professional marketing videos. Their process is easy- you can add your own footage, or choose from their library of almost 3 million professionally shot clips. Add music from their curated library, your logo, your message, and your own ideas, and you’re good to go! Making marketing videos doesn’t have to be so expensive or time-consuming.

Heresy – Your Company’s Future Sales Headquarters

According to their website, Heresy is “workflow and analytics platform that helps salespeople make data-driven decisions and allows sales teams to always stay in sync.” Heresy takes a unique, data centric approach to sales software that keeps sales teams on the same page using tools such as interactive graphs and live updating data. No more disorganization amongst the sales team- Heresy keeps everyone working together.

AccessUrl – Give Access to your Accounts Without a Password

AccessURL is a simple program that lets the user send access to an account- without sending the username and password. Via AccessURL, you can give anyone access to an online account for a set period of time, and control when that access expires. A simple tool that’s useful for your professional and personal life, AccessURL helps keep your passwords private will still being productive.

These are just 9 products that could help you succeed in the ever-changing business world. Need more tips? Check out our FREE eBook- The 101 Ways to Catapult your Business to Stardom.

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